All seats are reserved/ 22 Feb. 2018/ 'WAGASHI' workshop 和菓子ワークショップ

満員御礼/2018/02/18 和菓子と折敷のワークショップ

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All seats are reserved! Thank you so much!!

UNOBENTO is very happy to announce a special workshop for you!

We will have traditional Japanese pastries ’WAGASHI’ workshop by a Japanese pastry chef accompanied with Japanese wood work demonstration by a Japanese traditional carpenter.

Takanori Murata, a Japanese pastry chef will teach you how to make two kinds of season ‘NERIKIRI’ (a type of Japanese party shown in photo) and you are going to make them guided by Mr. Murata.

Tomohiko Murakami, a traditional carpenter will demonstrate of making ‘OSHIKI’ (traditional wooden plate), showcase his traditinal carpentry tools and share knowledge of timber.

You will get an ‘OSHIKI’ crafted by Tomohiko to present your own ‘NERIKIRI’ on it and taste Japanese delight while Matcha (green tea) will be served by UNOBENTO.

Takanori Murata, Japanese Pastry Chef - Takanori Murata Paris
Born in Aichi, Japan 1978. Graduated at Ecole de Patisserie de Tokyo.
Takanori has fascinated by making Japanese pastries since his childhood, while he was born and raised in the home of the long-established Japanese confectionery. In order to broaden his horizons, Takanori moved to France in 2005, after years of training for making traditional Japanese pastries around Aichi and Kyoto. After he had been established himself as a head pastry chef at Japanese tea room ‘Walaku’ in Paris followed by its parent restaurant ‘AIDA’, the first michelin star Japanese restaurant in Paris, Takanori is now active and focus on own Japanese pastry brand ‘Takanori Murata Paris’ while contributing to promote Japanese pastries in France and Europe.

Tomohiko Murakami Carpenter | Director, Gen&Co.
Born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1978. After finished his study of architectural design as well as foundations of art and design, at Sapporo School of the Arts in Sapporo, Hokkaido. He has been working as a carpenter in the traditional way for more than 10 years and traveling around in Japan for building/ renovation projects of temple and shrine. Since 2008, he has began to create original products out of wood wastes produced while building-production process of mostly temple and shrine. In 2012, Tomohiko founded ‘Gen&Co.’ in Eniwa, Hokkaido where he works as a wood craftsman and carpenter aiming to enrich people’s lifestyle by wooden works from spoon to temple shrines while creating and connecting a local makers community by giving variety of crafting/building workshops.

Date: Thursday February 22, 2018.

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 111
1021 KP Amsterdam

Door open: 19:00 
Start:           19:30-21:30
Seat:            20 people
Price:           35 euro per person (You can pay by cash only at the party!)

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