UNOBENTO believes that the deepest joy is given by communications between people.

We create you to make a relax, comfort to be yourself by foods, flower and ceramics.


- Mood of October -
Satsuma mandarin
Chinese chives

Edible Flower arrangement/ Vase / Photo by Uno Fujisawa 
UNOBENTO makes Edible flower arrangements for your special occasion such as like parties, events, openings, ceremonies or private celebration.
We would be happy to provide you with a quotation at any time.
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Edible Story

On Sunday 25 October
Limited 15 potions available

It’s a limited number. First come, first serve basis.
Edible Story + Miso soup + Post card 
(You can choose Edible Story from Vege or Fish.)
20 euro p.p.
You can choose Normal Edible Story(Vegetarian) or with Fish this time.
I still don't know what I will bring to you. but I'm sure the autumn atmosphere to you!!
Order / 25. Oct. Edible Story Dinner
UNOBENTO/ Uno Fujisawa

Edible Window Story

New exhibition in “Het Raam”
Including workshop by Uno Fujisawa
Uno makes Ikebana and Bento boxes.
She combines the two Japanese traditions in an untraditional way by calling them ´edible stories´. Ikebana is a special way of flower arranging in Japan. The very balanced and non-abundant pieces might be difficult to grasp at first for westerners who mainly like to celebrate the colourfulness, the blooming and the abundance of flowers, which resamble mainly spring and new life. The trick with Ikebana, says Uno, is in appreciating all beauty of the plant, not only when its blooming, but the entire process including the dying. She compares this to the way she makes her bento boxes. ¨You have to appreciate what you eat, from the seed to the fruit, to the harvest, untill you digest it.¨
So Uno creates edible Ikebana (flower art pieces) and after enjoying its beauty she eats them. Is it cruel? Or humorous and honest?

The Harvest and ‘Edible Story’ Ikebana Workshop
On Saturday, 14th of November from 14:00 until 17:00

In a corona proof setting at Maakfabriek, Churchillweg 21, Wageningen.

14:00 Uno will introduce herself and her work.
14:30 Harvest at the Window galery.
15:00 Edible Ikebana workshop
16:00 Prepare radish based Bento
16:45 Eating our creations!

This workshop is for free, more info
please subscribe by sending an email to maakfabriek.org@gmail.com
See you there!
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