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SAKE Pairing

UNOBENTO x SAKE sommelier Reika
On Sunday 20 September
Limited 24potions available

It’s a limited number. First come, first serve basis.

UNOBENTO Chicken curry + Japanese Bitter Orange SAKE liqueur 100ml & Perrier 0.33lt
Sake pairing set 27euro p.p.

Collaboration with UNOBENTO and SAKE Sommelier Reika is now coming back!

We offer you a unique SAKE pairing experience this time.

Reika has many beautiful SAKE, but not only SAKE but she also has a variety of sake based fruit liqueurs. For this event, she selected a Japanese Bitter Orange liqueur, named "Fuwa-Toro Summer Orange".

She will show you two different ways to enjoy this SAKE liqueur.

UNOBENTO serves you Indian style chicken curry using organic chicken and onions. Of course UNOBENTO cooks the curry from spices! 

We are going to Insta-live and talk about SAKE and dishes on the day. 

Let’s have an online dinner with our special curry and liqueur together!!


Order / SAKE Pairing TAKEAWAY Dinner
< Message from Reika >
This time I would like to introduce you a sake based fruit liqueur that tastes Japanese Bitter Orange, which reminds us of the very hot but enjoyable summer experiences in Japan. 
Have you ever had an idea about what a combination of sake and curry is? Can you imagine how harmonized they are in your mouth...? Then why not try it?!
Let's cherish a little strange but still beautiful this year's summer memories by enjoying a nice combination of UNO's curry and SAKE Liqueur!

You can see more of Reilka's SAKE collections and informations. 
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