All seats are reserved/ 22 Feb. 2018/ 'WAGASHI' workshop 和菓子ワークショップ

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All seats are reserved! Thank you so much!!

UNOBENTO is very happy to announce a special workshop for you!

We will have traditional Japanese pastries ’WAGASHI’ workshop by a Japanese pastry chef accompanied with Japanese wood work demonstration by a Japanese traditional carpenter.

Takanori Murata, a Japanese pastry chef will teach you how to make two kinds of season ‘NERIKIRI’ (a type of Japanese party shown in photo) and you are going to make them guided by Mr. Murata.

Tomohiko Murakami, a traditional carpenter will demonstrate of making ‘OSHIKI’ (traditional wooden plate), showcase his traditinal carpentry tools and share knowledge of timber.

You will get an ‘OSHIKI’ crafted by Tomohiko to present your own ‘NERIKIRI’ on it and taste Japanese delight while Matcha (green tea) will be served by UNOBENTO.

Takanori Murata, Japanese Pastry Chef - Takanori Murata Paris
Born in Aichi, Japan 1978. Graduated at Ecole de Patisserie de Tokyo.
Takanori has fascinated by making Japanese pastries since his childhood, while he was born and raised in the home of the long-established Japanese confectionery. In order to broaden his horizons, Takanori moved to France in 2005, after years of training for making traditional Japanese pastries around Aichi and Kyoto. After he had been established himself as a head pastry chef at Japanese tea room ‘Walaku’ in Paris followed by its parent restaurant ‘AIDA’, the first michelin star Japanese restaurant in Paris, Takanori is now active and focus on own Japanese pastry brand ‘Takanori Murata Paris’ while contributing to promote Japanese pastries in France and Europe.

Tomohiko Murakami Carpenter | Director, Gen&Co.
Born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1978. After finished his study of architectural design as well as foundations of art and design, at Sapporo School of the Arts in Sapporo, Hokkaido. He has been working as a carpenter in the traditional way for more than 10 years and traveling around in Japan for building/ renovation projects of temple and shrine. Since 2008, he has began to create original products out of wood wastes produced while building-production process of mostly temple and shrine. In 2012, Tomohiko founded ‘Gen&Co.’ in Eniwa, Hokkaido where he works as a wood craftsman and carpenter aiming to enrich people’s lifestyle by wooden works from spoon to temple shrines while creating and connecting a local makers community by giving variety of crafting/building workshops.

Date: Thursday February 22, 2018.

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 111
1021 KP Amsterdam

Door open: 19:00 
Start:           19:30-21:30
Seat:            20 people
Price:           35 euro per person (You can pay by cash only at the party!)

To make a reservation please send me an email at: followed by the information below:

Put 'WAGASHI workshop / (write your name here)' in the email title.

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Your name:
Your mobile:

If you would like to register your friends or family, please give me their name as well.

I'll send you a confirmation mail within two days after I have received your mail.

- You are a co-creator for this event. So please be there at the latest at 19:30.
- Seats are limited so first come first serve with a maximum of 20 seats.
- There are free parking spaces, please feel free to use it.
If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to ask me:

Samen eten vol.5 SESTUBUN/ 節分



"Making you UKI-UKI"

UNOBENTO will make you UKI-UKI!* by serving bento, offering workshops, catering and cozy event planning.
UNOBENTO values finding pleasure in the small things in daily life, and meeting with all UNOBENTO fans.

I'm looking forward to have a wonderful meeting with you.

*merry, happy and cheerful in Japanese expression.

About Uno

Uno Fujisawa was born in 1982 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.
She is a self-employed food designer/UKI-UKI generator, based in Amsterdam.
She has enjoyed cooking all her life - and her education as product designer in Japan gives her inspiration for new creations.
Uno believes that her creative cooking can inspire happiness and cheerfulness in people.



UNOBENTO provides three types of catering.

<Season's special catering> Only Amsterdam(inside of A10)

This catering serves a season-themed menu for a small party. (Between 4 and 6 persons.)
The menu will consist of a main dish, 2-3 side dishes, a soup, rice and small sweets. UNOBENTO will finish the cooking at your kitchen and will leave after setting up the dishes, so you can have a cozy and relaxed time with your guests

<Dining style catering>

Full course dining style (seated) catering. For 4 up to 7 persons UNOBENTO cooks and serves the food on her own. From 8 up to 15 persons UNOBENTO cooks and serves with one assistant. Please make your reservation 4 weeks in advance.

<Buffet plate catering>

This catering be the perfect fit for a small casual party.
UNOBENTO serves several snacks, finger foods, or salads on disposable dishes. Please make your reservation 4 weeks in advance.





This service temporary suspension from March 16, 2017

UNOBENTO provides a surprise and UKI-UKI(cheerful feeling) for you 
with always varying dishes and decoration for your lunch time. 
1 day 6 bento boxes and limited and only Monday and Tuesday service.
(some of weekday the service is closed, please check the schedule.)

What can you have?
Basic UNOBENTO meal + Tea bag +UNOBENTO menu card with message.
(Deliver with disposal bento box and chopsticks.)

The UNOBENTO box price is 12.50 euro per box(incl. tax and deliver fee).

How to order?
You need to order me by order form until Thursday(which a week before you would like to have).
You will be informed if you are served or not by a confirmation mail by me.

When you order by order form, please include the following information about you:
Your name (I'll use for the menu card and the invoice)
Your address(I'll use the address for the invoice)
Your mobile number
Do you have any food allergy?
Do you have any dislike?
Delivering address
Your lunch time

You can chose payment way from;
-Bank transfer(I'll send an invoice to you after deliver lunch boxes.)
-Cash(You can pay by cash when I deliver lunch boxes.)

Delivery area
Basic deliver area: 20 min by bike, tram, metro from de baarsjes, Amsterdam-West. 
If you are out of this area, I would be glad to consider arranging for you, please feel free to ask.(the deliver cost might charge.)

- The dishes are a surprise. This means You can not choose a specific dishes. But please mention dislikes and/or allergies. I will take these into account, so please don't hesitate to ask.
- UNOBENTO serves bento lunch boxes for max. 6 persons per day. This is so I can always provide a high quality and personal UNOBENTO experience.
- If the entire order is already reached 6 persons at the day, will be served in order of arrival.
- You will be informed if you are served or not by a confirmation mail within 1 day, if you don't receive it, please contact to
- Basically it will be delivered to you until your lunch time.
- This service for lunch time.(11:00-14:00)

You may cancel your order without any cost up to two days before the date of the deliver day. Up to 1 day and the day of deliver day, to be charged total price.
In case of cancellation, please inform to me by E-mail or phone call(062-721-4157) as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to deliver UkI-UkI to you!





Happy Sweets Project - make you happy with UNOBENTO sweets!
UNOBENTO will makes you special sweets specific to your wishes.

These are the steps:(The process will takes about Four weeks, please order at least Four weeks in advance.)

1. Hearing from you

UNOBENTO will interview you and listen to your preferences/ purpose/ budget etc for your sweets.

2. UNOBENTO creates a concept for sweets

UNOBENTO creates a sweets - concepts and estimations for you. You will receive some choices from UNOBENTO.

3. You will receive world-exclusive sweets!

After we agree on the concept, UNOBENTO will start to make the sweets and you will receive them on the day you prefer!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.





Fun experience for your friends and family!

UNOBENTO gives several workshops. All workshops are UNOBENTO original and unique programs. During these workshops you can learn basic techniques and experience a taste of Japanese culture.


From 230 euro per Group(4-6 persons)
OMUSUBI (rice ball) is a simple meal and soul food for Japanese. Like sandwiches for Europeans. You can make OMUSUBI from several fresh ingredients and create your own unique recipe. Create tasty OMUSUBI for yourself and discover new flavors!


From 270 euro per a Group(4-6 persons.)
You will learn how to steam perfect SUSHI rice and make your own roll. Let's have a FRESH SUSHI party!





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SCHEDULE 営業スケジュール


Thank you for visiting our website!
If you have any order, questions and requests, please feel free to ask us!

Uno Fujisawa






If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me.

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